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Hard Skills


​My main objective?


Whether I'm writing or editing your copy, the goal is the same:


Ensure your final product shines. And, in turn, ensure that you and your organization or business shine.


Everything you put in writing is a reflection of your professional reputation and your organization or business. Image may not be everything but it certainly counts for a lot. So do first impressions. Good first impressions bring in customers and contributors.


Maybe you need to generate a simple press release, or create a blog feature, or compile an annual report but don't have the time—or the extra staff—to get it all done.


Or maybe you've finished that long-dreamt-of manuscript and you need that all-important extra—and objective—set of eyes on it.


Regardless of the product, having clean, well-crafted copy shows that you care—about your organization, about your brand, and about your readers and customers.


Clean, well-crafted copy shows attention to detail. It shows quality control. And it shows dedication and professionalism.


That's the kind of image you want to project. And that makes for a super first impression, doesn’t it?


That's where I come in.


Hi, I'm Judy. I'm a content guardian and wordsmith—and the owner of Marchman Communications.


So, what do I bring to the table?

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Acrobat Pro

Quark XPress

Microsoft Office

AP Style

Chicago Manual of Style


Want More Details?

Access my C.V.  or connect with me on LinkedIn. And check out my Portfolio for writing samples.

Manual Typewriter

2010 - present

2010 - present



Making Your Message Shine

Book Editing: 9-plus years of experience in editing manuscripts—more than 100 titles and mainly nonfiction for trade—ranging from heavy, substantive edits to light copyedits and proofreading designed copy.


Magazine Editing: 20-plus years of experience in copyediting, fact-checking, and proofreading for trade and association publications.


Marketing/Advertising Editing: Annual reports, catalogs, event guides, brochures, press releases, training manuals, ad copy, website copy, etc.


Author/Client Relations: Working with an author is one of the most gratifying parts of being an editor. Getting to know you and your style helps me to do my job better.

Crafting Clean, Creative Copy

Features Writing: 20-plus years of experience in writing for trade and association publications. My work has been published in a variety of publications, including Keeneland, The Blood-Horse, Kentucky Monthly, Chicago Social, Texas Hospitals, and Texas Bar Journal.


Content Marketing Writing: Digital B2B and consumer-facing content, from training manuals and case studies to slide shows and informational pieces.


Blogging: Have created a variety of posts ranging from lifestyle topics to interviews to favorite app reviews.

Jacqueline Duke, editor of Keeneland magazine and former editor of Eclipse Press:

“Judy is an outstanding editor with an unsurpassed knowledge of style manuals and grammar as well as an innate ability to strengthen any piece of writing. Judy's work ethic, organization, and attention to detail can't be beat. We worked together for many years on books, magazines, and marketing material, and I know her talents well.”

Denis Blake, editor-in-chief of American Racehorse and The Horsemen’s Journal:

“Judy has done a tremendous job editing The Horsemen's Journal and American Racehorse, and she always completes the tasks quickly, accurately and thoroughly. Not only does Judy catch practically every grammatical and factual error, but she is also adept at suggesting revisions or improvements that will make the articles clearer to the reader. I highly recommend her.”

Stephen M. Vest, editor-in-chief of Kentucky Monthly:

“Judy is one of the good ones. When she accepts an assignment, she delivers exactly what you expected, only better. Judy is a careful and creative writer who knows how to construct and edit stories to make them clear and easy to read, regardless of the topic."

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